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Get your family out of toxic chemicals and salt

With chemical maintenance of your pool, the mere bleaching of hair, dying out of the skin and the burning of the eyes should alert you to the health and environmental risks associated with the chemically treated water. ECOsmarte provides you with a chlorine-free and salt-free alternative for water treatment. Why expose your family and friends to the known risks of cancer causing agents or to absorbed sodium?

We save you money every month

ECOsmarte offers the only method that can sanitize swimming pools without chemicals. The system costs less than $1 per month to operate, and saves on electrical usage from reduced filtration, with a 100% Chlorine-Free system saving will continue by eliminating all chemical expenses. The ECOsmarte Pool System requires no regular chemicals to sanitize your pool.

ECOsmarte Pool & Spa Filtration

Whether you’re building a new pool, remodeling an existing pool, or want to move to a chlorine alternative on an existing in-ground pool or above-ground pool or spa, ECOsmarte offers you a proven system to use no regular chemicals or salt in your pool. The ECOsmarte fresh water pool offers you every benefit found with a salt water pool with none of the negatives. What began as a product for chemically sensitive, cancer aware or environmentally conscious consumers in 1994, has evolved to a proven product with installations in all 50 U.S. States and 100 Countries. ECOsmarte delivers an affordable device that actually takes the swimmer out of the chlorine and the salt.

We understand Water Chemistry with over 20,000 pools to prove it. Ionic Purification is superior to ionization which is superior to chemical treatment. Ionic Purification requires no chemicals to sanitize. Ionization alone does not address the problems created by body oils a suntan lotion, and does not control stains. Ionization can cause an erratic water balance and, by itself, requires chemical maintenance. Oxidation is required to handle organic material. The ECOsmarte Ion Purification system produces copper ions electrically charged which are unstable atoms that bond with organic matter. The copper ions kill bacteria and other organisms when the bonding occurs, effectively sanitizing your pool and spa

ECOsmarte products are supported by a growing network of swimming pool builders, in-home business entrepreneurs and conventional water treatment professionals.

Water Clean Enough to Drink

Imagine swimming in a pool with crystal clear water purified with no toxic chemicals, good enough to drink from. This is no dream with the ECOsmarte water purification technology for pools and spas. A very simple installation can be done to any excising pool and it makes a great choice for new pool constructions. More affordable than chlorine and salt pool systems as well it is much healthier for the environment and swimmers.

All of ECOsmarte products are easy to install and come with a clear installation and operating guide. They are backed up by ECOsmarte's 60 day money-back guarantee, 5 year factory warranty and six months toll-free support

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