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ECOsmarte has optimized the Natural Oxygen process over the last 7 years by incorporating UV and proper pond filtration. Ammonia levels have been managed, one hour per day with ECOsmarte oxygen. You may order the Koi Package from ECOsmarte including: natural oxygen, pond filter, and UV system (PH control not normally required in Koi applications), CO2 control also available.

How it works?

We are simply the best in pond water treatment. No other system compares to ours.With state-of-the-art award winning technology, proven 99%+ customer satisfaction rate since 1993, a toll free customer support hotline, and above all, the best pond water treatment out there.

Please watch our video to see our system in action and how easy it can be installed on existing or new ponds and waterfall designs.

All of ECOsmarte products are easy to install and come with a clear installation and operating guide. They are backed up by ECOsmarte's 60 day money-back guarantee, 5 year factory warranty and six months toll-free support.

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