ECOsmarte Point of Entry Filtration Municipal Water

The ECOsmarte Point of Entry System replaces water softeners and conditioners, iron filters, chemical feeders, taste and odour filters, and most water treatment methods. You will have bottled water quality throughout your entire home. While removing bacteria the system does not remove minerals like copper, calcium and magnesium from your water, while the oxygenation lowers the surface tension, known as "wetter water". The result is water that tastes great, has no odour and is more absorbent for both plants and people. Golf courses have begun using the ECOsmarte technology drastically reducing the use of chemicals and wetting agents. The Point of Entry System is configured to your specific needs. It treats all the water in your home or business, indoor and outdoor, hot and cold. It does not restrict, limit or otherwise reduce your supply of available water, and commonly discharges better water than the source water.

ECOsmarte ionization and oxygenation will also protect your plumbing and fixtures. Ionization prevents minerals from forming hard scale by electrically charging the minerals so they cannot bing together. The system converts the calcium to keep it "soft", as the digestible calcium bicarbonate. This also contributes to "wetter water". Your treated water will slowly dissolve excising scale in your pipes, water heater, appliances and plumbing fixtures. The greatest causes of equipment failure or inefficiency are scale and corrosion, which are eliminated by ionization. It increases equipment life and reduces maintenance problems for coffee makers, dish-washers, clothes washers and icemakers. Your appliances and equipment will operate efficiently, ultimately reducing energy costs, chemicals and soap usage. Salt or potassium is not used or needed, so no environmentally unfriendly brine is discharged.

How it works?

One million gallon rated granular activated coconut carbon and KDF® Process media filter tank, Fleck automatic backwash valve and 1-1/2" copper and titanium dual electrode chamber. Rinses itself with your own water every 3000 gallons with no brine discharge! Full five to eight year filter life. Treats all water at Point-of-Entry and provides bottled-water quality to every faucet, showerhead, appliance and hose bib in and around your home. The system can be moved from one home to another, but will definitely be a marketable selling point for any home on the market.

All of ECOsmarte products are easy to install and come with a clear installation and operating guide. They are backed up by ECOsmarte's 60 day money-back guarantee, 5 year factory warranty and six months toll-free support.

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